Consultative Selling Skills

1-2 Day Programme

The Telfer & Associates Consultative Selling Skills Programme is designed to help client facing individuals and teams improve the quality of their client interactions.  The consultative approach, ensures that rather than ‘selling at' clients, there is flexibility and confidence to understand clients business needs before positioning solutions that might appeal to them.


Two core areas are covered:

Content of the Discussion

  • Adapting to the communication style of the client
  • Setting up the meeting so that there are clear objectives and outcomes
  • Structuring information that is given to the client during the meeting
  • Positioning solutions in a persuasive manner
  • Using meeting hand-outs appropriately
  • A planning tool to help prepare for meetings


Consultative Communication Skills

  • The do’s and don’ts of body language during the meeting
  • Using ‘Active Listening’ to fully understand the clients needs
  • Understanding the power of high gain questions during the meeting
  • Managing difficult conversations and objections
  • How to influence the conversation
  • Feedback on communication style strengths and weaknesses


What does it feel like when attending the programme?
The programme is highly interactive, with a focus on participants applying the skills on upcoming meetings.  Media such as video clips and music are used to create a positive learning environment and a DVD camera is used to record participant role-plays.

Typically participants who attend the programme say that they feel more confident about leading a meeting and making it consultative, with the outcome that they uncover more needs and leave their meetings with insight into what will win them the business.