Presentation Skills Programme

1-2 Day Programme

The Telfer & Associates Presentations Skills Programme is designed to help business people improve the results they get from their presentations in both internal and external client presenting situations.

Two core areas are covered:

Content of the Presentation

  • How to tailor the message to different styles of audiences
  • Ensuring the presentation meets its objectives
  • Structuring messages in a way that is easy to understand
  • Creating relevance for listeners
  • Being persuasive in the messages that are delivered
  • Having clear supporting visual aids


Delivery of the Presentation

  • How to use eye contact in both small to large audiences
  • Using voice effectively to create engagement and buy-in
  • Managing gestures and what to do when not gesturing
  • Using the presentation environment effectively
  • Handling objections individually and as a team
  • Managing your confidence before, during and after the presentation


What does it feel like when attending the programme?
The programme is highly interactive, with a focus on participants applying the skills on upcoming presentations.  Media such as video clips and music are used to create a positive learning environment and a DVD camera is used to record participant presentations.

Typically participants who attend the programme say that they feel more confident about delivering presentations and believe that their presentations will be relevant to their audiences and more likely to meet their objectives.