Pitch Consulting

The Telfer & Associates Pitch Consulting process is designed to help individuals and teams prepare for and deliver professional pitches that convert business. 

We see the pitch process as having three core stages; responding to the RFP, Crafting the Pitch Presentation and Rehearsing for the pitch delivery and Q&A session. 

Our pitch consulting can assist with all three areas, or the one you feel would benefit the team most:


Responding to a Request for a Proposal (RFP)

  • Review of the RFP document
  • Working with the team to understand what's important to the decision makers who will be reading the response
  • Crafting key messages to  align with the RFP and your objectives
  • Structuring the response document
  • Ensuring questions are being adequately answered in the response
  • The visual look of the document


Developing the Pitch Presentation

  • Taking the team through a Pitch War Room process
  • Extracting the core objectives for the pitch
  • Assisting the team in fully understand the people involved in the decision making process
  • Helping develop the key messages
  • Structuring the pitch presentation
  • Reviewing visual aids


Pitch Dress Rehearsal

  • Working individually and with the broader team to rehearse for the pitch presentation
  • Coaching the team on their delivery skills and developing confidence
  • Assessing likely difficult questions and developing messages for the Q&A session
  • Rehearsing for the Q&A session to ensure consistency of messages


What does the pitch consulting feel like?
We act as the facilitator for the Pitch Team, helping them remain focussed, testing messages and providing an impartial perspective.  These are highly practical sessions, with lots of work on flip charts around the room and tangible outcomes to each session.  The consulting is not about pitch theory, but about practical application of pitching skills and practice to ensure the teams are more likely to win the business.

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Client Testimonials

QuoteElissa has worked with the sales teams across the BBC Advertising Group for two years now. Specifically she has helped us reach our goals in pitching and presenting big ideas of high value. She has given us the techniques to sell the value we deliver!

Additionally she has done great work with our key salespeople helping them negotiate tough deals by providing them with the insights and techiques to get the deal we want and keep the relationship in place.

Totally professional she has winning
ways that help her quickly gain the respect and admiration of people in our boardrooms.Quote

Tim Baynes

Learning and Development Director
BBC Advertising