A good idea not communicated well is like having no idea at all

Our Approach to Developing People

We believe that any type of learning should be:

  • relevant to business needs
  • engaging
  • enjoyable
  • provoking
  • rewarding
  • easy to apply

To ensure that we attain these goals, we focus on a holistic approach to adult learning.  All of our training programmes are interactive;they use music, media, application exercises and material to support peoples learning.  We create an environment that gives participants the confidence to try new concepts and practice techniques in a safe environment.


Negotiation Skills
Negotiation Skills Programme

The Telfer & Associates Negotiation Skills Programme focuses on the communication skills involved in high-stakes negotiations both internally and externally with clients.

Selling Skills
Selling Skills

The Telfer & Associates Sales Communication Skills Programme focuses on the face-to-face skills of selling to new and existing clients/customers.

Presentation Skills
Presentation Skills

Telfer & Associates Presentations Skills is a programme for presenters who wish to become more confident. impactful and persuasive.