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Developing New Business Programme

1-2 Day Programme

The Telfer & Associates Developing New Business Programme is designed to help sales people confidently target and convert new business.

Three core areas are covered:

Targeting New Opportunities

  • Analysing where your business currently comes from
  • What are the target markets and clients you want to pursue
  • Where can you find new clients
  • Understanding what your ideal client looks like


Contacting Prospects

  • Making a ‘cold-call’
  • Tailoring to your audience
  • Using hooks to gain attention
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Getting around the gatekeeper


Having the first meeting

  • Managing first impressions
  • Building rapport fast
  • Being assertive
  • Structuring the conversation


What does it feel like when attending the programme?
The programme is highly interactive, with a focus on participants applying the skills on upcoming prospecting conversations.  Media such as video clips and music are used to create a positive learning environment.  Role Plays are used to practice the techniques.


Typically participants who attend the programme say that they feel more focussed on which markets they want to be in and the types of clients they want to attract. They feel more confident at making initial contact with prospects and creating positive first impressions in meetings.