A good idea not communicated well is like having no idea at all

Influencing Skills Programme

1-2 Day Programme

The Telfer & Associates Influencing Skills Programme is designed to help people influence others, typically within an organisation where they don't have authority and are needing to influence peers and/or managers.


Two core areas are covered:

Planning for the Discussion

  • Developing persuasive messages
  • Using influencing strategies to gain agreement
  • Understanding what motivates the other person
  • Structuring your message
  • Planning tool for the influencing conversation

Influencing Skills when Face-to-Face

  • Adapting to the communication style of the person you are influencing
  • Setting up the conversation so there are clear objectives
  • Using questions to uncover concerns/issues
  • Effective listening skills
  • Being assertive

What does it feel like when attending the programme?
The programme is highly interactive, with a focus on participants applying the skills on upcoming influencing conversations.  Media such as video clips and music are used to create a positive learning environment and a DVD camera is used to record participant role-plays.


Typically participants who have attend the programme say that they feel more confident about influencing others and have greater flexibility to adapt to the needs of the other party. They have a greater variety of influencing strategies and are able to build deeper working relationships with internal stakeholders