1-1 Coaching

Our Approach

The Telfer & Associates coaching practice is designed to assist individuals improve their persuasive business communication skills.  We work with senior managers and those aspiring to senior roles, in a variety of situations.  These include:

  • Improving their general business communication skills
  • Improving their levels of assertiveness
  • Influencing others
  • Rehearsing for presentations, pitches and high stakes meetings
  • Developing leadership communication and leadership skills


Prior to the Coaching


Rapport Meeting

The coachee and the proposed coach has a face-to-face meeting to ensure that the coachee is comfortable with the consultant.


Diagnostic Conversation


To understand the needs and desired outcomes from the coaching.  At a minimum this is a conversation with the coachee, but can also involve speaking with their manager to ascertain their perspective on the coachee.


During the coaching

The length and duration of the coaching is determined by the needs and desired outcomes of the coachee.  Typically most coaching sessions run for 2-3 hours maximum and then there is a break where the coachee practices applying the skills learnt.  The amount of coaching interactions is determined by the desired outcomes, typically there are a minimum of 2-3 coaching sessions.The sessions are practical, with discussion, sharing of best practice and practicing the skills.  Depending on the coaching focus, each session may be DVD recorded so that the coachee can see how they are progressing


Coaching Outcomes

Coaching outcomes are measured based on the specific goals that were developed in the diagnostic conversations.Reading and advice is given to the coachee to ensure continuous development. Typically those who go through coaching feel more in control of how they can work towards their goals and find increased confidence because they are more aware of their strengths and what they need