A good idea not communicated well is like having no idea at all

Advanced Presentation Skills Programme

1-2 Day Programme

The Telfer & Associates Advanced Presentations Skills Programme is for experienced presenters who want to continue to improve their presentation style and ability to connect with their audiences.


Two core areas are covered:

Content of the Presentation

  • A critical review of your current presentations
  • Develop a structure that is more emotionally engaging
  • Cerate messages that connect with the audiences motivators
  • The use of metaphors and analogies
  • How to use language to emotionally engage your audience


Delivery of the Presentation

  • Telling engaging stories
  • Increasing your belief in your presentation abilities
  • Using greater movement when presenting
  • The power of your voice
  • Creating lasting impressions


What does it feel like when attending the programme?

The programme is highly interactive and draws on acting techniques to help improve delivery skills. It assumes that participants are already confident presenters and pushes them to connect more with their audiences. Media such as video clips and music are used to create a positive learning environment and a DVD camera is used to record their presentations.

Typically participants who attend the programme say that they feel more confident at delivering presentations
that will create lasting impressions.